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This new book, Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets, offers a comprehensive set of techniques with which to improve your.
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This is a conversion too. Conversion optimization is important because without any conversions, your traffic will pass through your site like water leaking out of a bucket. You get plenty of traffic, but you never worked on your conversion strategy. The list goes on. Before you get started in a conversion optimization campaign, you need to understand what your core goals are. Next, I want to explain the importance of relying on data. Image Source: Investopedia. Different brands in different industries will need to rely on different types of conversions; for example, an online retailer will rely on more direct product purchases, while a B2B service-oriented company will need to generate more leads from contact forms.

Understanding the strategic and logistical differences between these conversions is the first step to building an effective campaign. Product purchases are one of the easiest and most straightforward types of conversion ; essentially, when someone buys a product, or multiple products, a conversion has taken place. Image Source: Amazon.

Conversion Rate Optimization: The Definitive Guide ()

Image Source: Kickstarter. Conversions based around lead generation differ significantly from those focused on purchasing a product. Image Source: Hubspot. Another type of conversion is the email subscribership, which for all intents and purposes is just a simplified version of the lead generation conversion. The flip side to this is, of course, that email subscribers are easier to get than leads.

The process requires less of a commitment, and people are more willing to submit their personal information as a result. Furthermore, email subscribership can be a peripheral goal for almost any business, even if you have other conversion strategies in place. For example, you could use side bars or popups to encourage new email subscribers, or use a blog callout to forward them to a particular area to sign up.

Instead, these are indications of user interest, which is valuable in terms of brand visibility and loyalty. Each of these is best suited to a different type of business, and most businesses will stand to benefit from paying attention to some of these forms of conversion more than others. However, all of these modes of conversion can be useful in some way.

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For example, one particular layout might see more conversions by turning its green call-to-action red, while another layout might see more conversions by turning its red call-to-action green. That being said, there are common root causes of low conversion rates. They may not even be aware that it exists. There are three common categories of fixes you can apply to this lack of attention.

The first is minimization.

3 Seconds and You’re Dead: 5 Secrets to Shopify Speed Optimization

This means cutting some of the fluff content, pulling away any banner ads or links away from the site, and possible adding more white space to the design. The second is ease optimization. You have to make the call-to-action easy to see and use. The third is heightened contrast. The second major affliction in conversion optimization is a lack of value. Convince your reader that this is worth the transaction. Make it worth their while by offering a valuable email newsletter, or a free download of a whitepaper, or some other tangible exchange.

Ecommerce SEO How To Get More Website Traffic (secrets)

Trust is a subjective measure, so you may find this more difficult to detect than a problem with value or user attention. There are a number of inclusions that can increase user trust in your offer. First, include contact information for your company, including a website, the name of your business, a physical address if possible , and a phone number. Including user testimonials is almost always a surefire way to increase user trust as well—include these in either written or video form, with an emphasis on the visuals if possible.

Include the faces of the people giving the testimonials if you can. Beyond that, offer plenty of resources, content, and communication options for anyone undecided. This not only reassures potentially skeptical customers, it also provides more information that could help them make a final decision. For example, you could offer a tutorial video, a link to your company blog, or even a live chat window provided you have someone waiting to answer those inquiries on the other side.

Your first step is to make your call-to-action more visible. This often represents a huge loss in potential conversions. Image Source: Unbounce. However, the cause of this can be a bit misleading. The core of any conversion is an exchange of value. Your users are going to give you something, and in return, they expect to get something.

For product purchases, this system is obvious and straightforward; your customers are giving you money in exchange for a product they believe to be worth at least that much. But the value exchange is present when users hand over their personal information, too, such as in an email signup or form submission. Image Source: Pebble. The next thing you should think about is the actual process of conversion. Though in principle, a conversion is often as simple as clicking a button, the reality is, you can make the process as simple or as complicated as you want it.

Unfortunately, many marketers opt to make it more complicated than it has to be, often with logical intentions. For example, they may produce form fields that demand a lot of input from the user; when trying to earn more leads, the more information you can get, the better.

Amazon Optimizations That Get a 320% Increase in Sales in Less Than 10 Minutes

Getting information like previous purchase history, current interests, and background can help your salespeople close more deals and can give you more information to work with from a market research perspective. However, as a general rule, people are impatient and will greatly prefer forms with fewer fields to fill out. Whatever you can do to simplify your form, do it. Believe it or not, shaving off just a few extra seconds of effort can make the difference to a prospective lead. Most eCommerce platforms these days are able to offer one-click purchasing, or something analogous, to make the online shopping process simpler.

This is another piece of advice that should go without saying, but make sure your forms and shopping carts are working properly! Take note of any significant differences that could bear an impact on your potential visitors, and correct them proactively. Image Source: VWO. However, as you might imagine, not just any images and videos will work. Here are some tips to help you use images and video effectively:. Image Source: KissMetrics. Marketing Experiments has a great example of how changing a stock image to an original image can boost your conversion rates immediately.

Image Source: Marketing Experiments. Most people have an inherent distrust for corporations and brands, or at the very least, they tend to trust their peers more than organizations that are clearly out to make a profit.

Social proof, therefore, should be one of your top priorities. There are a couple of easy ways to instill more social proof in your CTA or landing page: reviews and testimonials. Though related, these are two distinct forms of content submitted by your past customers.

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Reviews are generally short, descriptive analyses of a past purchase or interaction, often based on a product or service. Testimonials, on the other hand, are generally longer, serving as a pitch for a company or organization as a whole. As you can see in this example by VWO , simply adding a handful of reviews to your product page or testimonials to your lead generation page can have a substantial impact on your conversion rate.

These small icons, usually located in the footer of a page, show users your affiliations and accreditations, demonstrating your authority and possibly your security. VWO found that adding trust badges can increase your conversion rates by more than 70 percent. You can also build trust by showing off your expertise. For example, you can list all the major publications you and your brand have been featured in. In addition to all the factors I listed above, there are a handful of other variables you should keep in mind when planning, executing, and evaluating the success of your conversion optimization strategy:.

Keep your attention high-level, on your actions and your measurable results. What do I mean by this? Go against the grain by defying some of the standard conventions, as long as you have a good idea to substitute for the original best practice. Design, placement, and functionality can all affect your conversion rate, but few factors matter as much as the strength of your copy.